All lanes of I-95 southbound will be shifting off of the existing lanes between the Fuller Warren Bridge and the San Diego Road overpass, which is north of Emerson Street. The shift is expected to begin Friday, May 13th at 8 p.m., weather permitting.

The change starts just south of the Fuller Warren Bridge. Currently, there is an ‘exit only’ lane from I-95 SB to the Beaches. That will now be the point where all travel lanes leave the main highway.

Traffic will continue southbound. The two lanes from the bridges Downtown will meet around the same point where they do now to the right of the lanes, to make the highway five lanes wide for a brief period of time. The left lane will become ‘exit only’ for the Beaches – using the existing flyover – and the second from the left lane will be an option to either exit or continue on I-95.

As part of the shift the exit ramp to US – 1 / Philips Highway is scheduled to reopen.